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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

10 Fun Things to do With Your Kids - Playing With a Ball!

We love playing with balls around here. Maybe it's because I have boys? We have tons and tons of balls. Baseballs, basketballs, footballs, kick balls, bouncy balls, every size and color ball you could imagine! This week, I'd like to share 10 fun things to do with all those balls your kids have.
  1. Basket ball. Grab a laundry basket (C likes to use his arms to make a hoop) and toss the ball inside!
  2. Throw it up the slide. Or the stairs and try to catch it when it comes back down.
  3. Air ball.  Keep the ball (a beach ball works best) in the air as long as you can.
  4. Gather a bunch of different balls and try to figure out the best way to get them through a hula hoop. Is it easier to bounce, roll or throw the ball through the hoop? Which ball is easiest?
  5. If you have a trampoline, throw a few balls on while your kids jump. They'll have a blast trying [not] to bounce them off!
  6. Hit it across the room using a spoon of some sort (spatulas work great too!) Make sure to use a "soft" ball and not a baseball :)
  7. Go bowling! If you don't have a plastic bowling set, use empty two liters or empty water bottles.
  8. "Tunnel" Stand so you and your children form a tunnel with your legs and try to get a ball through every ones legs. If you don't succeed - I guarantee you'll get lots of laughs!
  9. Toss It. Hold a bath towel between you. Toss and catch the ball as many times as you can. Count how many times you can toss it before it hits the ground.
  10. Clean It Up. Give your child a beach ball and washable markers. Let them decorate it and then wash the marker off.
Don't forget to check out some other great children's activities. Check back next week for more fun things to do with your kids!


  1. Ok I LOVE this post!! I am def going to have to try a few with my boys.They would enjoy so much!!

    Following from Mom Reviews 4 U Wednesday blog hop!!!

    Feel free to follow back =)




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