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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Overstock.com Discount Code!

I have just within the past year started to shop online. I have a few places I like to shop, Amazon (to use my swagbucks), CSN Stores and Overstock.com.  We're currently looking to put our house on the market, so I will be doing some redecorating to get ready for this. We definitely need new curtains. Our bathroom needs completely redone, a new shower curtain, a new toilet and new faucet

I really like this shower curtain, it has mesh pockets that would be really handy in storing all the boys bath toys.

They also have some great kid's furniture :

I would love to get one of these shelves for the boys play room. The only problem is I think A would think it was a ladder and climb it.

Overstock.com has tons of great stuff to choose from. They have everything from vacuum cleaners to men's jeans and everything in between!

And I have a discount code for you! Use 121728 to get 10% off all Overstock.com products. And shipping is a flat $3 no mater what your order!

Happy shopping!


  1. great discount... The Soul Mom is blog hoppin over to you and following you! www.thesoulmom.com

  2. The Soul Mom is blog hoppin over to you and following you! www.thesoulmom.com

  3. New follower. Glad I stopped by!

  4. new follower :o)


  5. My husband was just commenting on their flat shipping.
    Swagbucks sound like a fun way to purchase free stuff. I read about it on many blogs.
    I'm making a promise to start today! Thanks for giving me the incentive to do so.

  6. That shower curtain would be perfect for us!

    Hopping over to follow you via Catch a Wave Wednesday!



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