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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Want to Save Money on Your Cell Phone?

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am always looking for ways to save money on our bills. Paying bills on time, shopping around and actually opening bills are all simple ways to save. Lately, hubby and I have been talking about switching our cell phone company. We are currently with Verizon, and while we like the service, we do not like the price.

I recently came across Boost Mobile
.When approaching my husband, I know just the questions he will ask me. How much will it be a month? My first answer would be cheaper than we are paying now! And we get more options! For a Blackberry you pay only $60 a month! I'm paying more than twice that right now and only one of us has a Blackberry. Only one of us has a smart phone for that matter.

With Boost Mobile
it is simple to update all your social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. Your whole social network is at your fingertips! You can stay in constant contact with all your family and friends. This feature is especially important to me as I update my Facebook and Twitter accounts constantly from my phone. Hubby wouldn't really care about being able to access his Facebook or Twitter accounts, but he'll be happy I'm happy.

Boost Mobile
is simple to use. Simply activate your phone and your good to go! There are SO MANY easy ways to pay your bill. You can Re-Boost
;pay online, pay in person, or pay by phone. They also give you the opportunity to sign up for automatic payments. They also offer you to make a payment for another Boost Mobile Customer! How awesome is that?? Your mom could pay your cell phone bill for your birthday!

Boost Mobile offers so many extras and is so easy to use, that I'm sure hubby would be willing to switch carriers. Now all I need to do is find the time to talk to him about it!

Visit my sponsor: Reboost


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