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Saturday, November 27, 2010

2010 Advent Calender

Christmas is 28 days away! Time to start planning the advent calender for the month. Last year, our system worked and didn't work. It was placed too high for the boys to reach so this year, I'm going to use the same system, hung lower for them to reach. Plus, we have a lot more fun activities for them to do. A is old enough this year to be able to do them all.

1 decorate - put up the tree, decorate their rooms, etc
2 Christmas Cookie Ornaments
3 Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees / movie night
4 visit with Santa/pictures taken
5 paint a Christmas tree
6 silver bells game (scroll down)
7 Hand print and Footprint Reindeer
8 Make and Decorate cookies
9 Rip and Glue Paper Plate Wreath
10 Christmas Party with Santa (story time) / Movie Night
11 Write a letter to Santa
12 Christmas Tree Sizing Cut and Paste
13 Hand print Christmas Tree
14 Christmas Tree Decoration
15 Baking Day! Make lots of candies and goodies. / Shaving Cream Snow

16 Wrap Presents
17 Christmas party at school /movie night
18 Christmas party with family
19 Santa Scissor Cutting Practice

20 Marshmallow Trees
21 Make a Gingerbread house

22 Make cookies
23 Make Magic Reindeer Food
24 Decorate cookies for Santa / watch The Polar Express
25 Enjoy our day with each other.

Do you use an advent calender?


  1. I'm totally goign to steal a couple of your ideas. I'm finishing up ours today! I'm waiting for my numbers to attach to the little bags I bought to come in the mail... :) I haven't figured out just where I'll hang them, however! Ugh! LOL.

  2. Hi, found you via the Wednesday Window. :)

    Love your advent calendar ideas. Unfortunately my son is a bit too young for most of them this year, but come next Xmas he'll be 18 months and I'm sure will be much more appreciative.


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