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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Groceries 12/11

(C said make sure you can see me too!)

6 bags of Gordon Fish
2 tub butters
2 stick butters
sour cream
2 blueberries

Total OOP : $33.66
Total for the week: $33.66

So I went a little over budget. Ooops. But I'm stocked up on fish which is hubby's favorite, and I got $.60 off gas for buying it.

Did you score any deals this week?


  1. good deal! I haven't even posted my last shopping...but it was $42 and some change before the mega event discount and coupons and $15.06 afterwards.
    However, the only meat I got was a Waichai Ferry meal kit and a package of chicken thighs...and I guess the can of soup counts too. Now...I took a photo, but just what did I do with that receipt so that I can do a post on it?

  2. hi
    Thanks for visiting my blog too, you have a regular visitor in me too... You are regular in your updates...
    I will have a lot of questions for you hope you don't mind them.. as in India shopping and looking after home is very different from your place so...
    Now can you tell me why did you buy 2 tubs and 2 sticks of butter why not only one of the types i.e sticks or tubs.
    I would love communicate with you through mails and share our cultures and food habits too to learn more about other cultures and food habits will that be ok


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