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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

CSN Review Time - Silicone Mat and Baking Cups

A while ago, I informed you that I was doing a review for CSN Stores. I had no idea what to choose to review, and it took me awhile to decide. Once the package arrived, it sort of got shoved to the side as I sorted through the umpteen Christmas packages that were arriving daily. Finally, finally I got to open my goodies. And they got shoved in the cupboard until I had time to play with them.

Well my friends, I did finally have time to play. :) I chose to review the Le Creuset Baking Cups in Kiwi and Progressive International Silicone Baking Mat.

Progressive International Silicone Baking MatLet's start with the Progressive International Silicone Baking Mat. I L.O.V.E. this mat. It is my first piece of silicone bake ware and it will not be my last. It makes everything so easy! I've used it to make cookies, and make bread. Whenever I am dealing with dough - making pretzels, bread, or pizza, I pull this mat out. It makes cleanup a breeze! When I made my cookies, I didn't even need the spatula to lift them off the sheet, I used my hands. There is only two drawbacks that I have found. One, the flexibility of the mat makes it a little hard to wash. I'm afraid to put it in the dishwasher with the fear that it will fall on the hot coils and melt. Two - it didn't quite fit on my cookie sheets. I have two of them, a bigger one and a smaller one. It's too big for both of them. Other than those small issues, I love my new mat and will be buying more! If you are on the fence about buying one, I totally recommend it. You won't regret it!

Baking Cups in Cobalt (Set of 6)The next item, Le Creuset Baking Cups, I had been looking for for a while. I wasn't willing to pay over $15 for them, so I held out. CSN Stores has them priced for $9.95, which is a little high but not quite as bad as some other places. Anyway. The real reason I wanted these cups was not for muffins or cupcakes. We're not big fans of muffins and I don't like cupcakes. I wanted these for C's lunch. I use them to separate his grapes, blueberries or goldfish from his other items. Now, I know the items don't stay in the muffin cup, but it's nice to think they might. ;)

I did end up using them to make cupcakes with the boys the other day. It was so easy to fill them up, and they stood on my cookie sheet all on their own! When I put them in the oven, the cups stayed put, they didn't slide all over the place. The only bad part was the bottoms burnt. I did need to wait until they cooled completely so I could remove and decorate the cupcakes. They're super easy to clean - just throw them in the dishwasher and you're good to go!

I would totally recommend both these items to anyone I know! Do yourself a favor and check them out today!

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