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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Date Night Idea #1

One of our resolutions this year as a couple is to reconnect. That means bringing back our "dating life". Now with a strict budget, 2 young kids and living an hour from any family, date night has to take on a new meaning. There will be some times where we do get a sitter (my mom) and go out, but it won't be every week.  I'd like to share some of our date night ideas with you to hopefully help you and your spouse have some fun date nights!

Last week, we had a bunch of snow. We went outside to let the dogs out after the boys went to bed and had a snowball fight! It was totally out of the blue, but it definitely made both of us feel like kids again. We then went inside, made some hot chocolate, snuggled on the couch and watched a movie.

What are some things you like to do for a date night?


  1. We tried a date night last night, but my 4 year old decided he was going to get sick an hour before we were going to leave. With 3 kids 4 and under it is sometimes impossible to get out of the house! So, we watched Couples Retreat and cuddled. We really need to get out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! New follower from the Social- stop by and return the love @ www.classifiedmom.com

  2. New follower from
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  3. Great night! That's how me & my husband met 26 years ago having a snowball fight with mutual friends:) I will have to get him out next week when we have ANOTHER PA snow storm.


  4. My husband and I cook together while the kids watch tv, color, etc. Then we eat as a family--it's not much, but we REALLY enjoy it. It gives us time to talk, flirt, and just be together. Then every so often we're lucky enough to get a sitter and just relax together.

  5. Keep us posted on more ideas. We have two kids too and it is always hard to find the time or money for date night. Also if you know of some good cheap or free dates that would be nice too. Thanks!

  6. The Mrs. - that's another great date night! I would so love my hubby to cook with me!

    Musings By Michele - Where in PA are you? We are in PA too. You should get him out! Recreate the night you met, that would be a blast!

    Kate & Wes - I'm hoping this post will become a series - look for it every Saturday night. I will be including FREE and CHEAP date nights because our budget is very strict!

  7. My husband and I got sodas, made popcorn, and sat on the couch watching the first six episodes of season 1 of Modern Family. It was a great night!


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