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Friday, February 4, 2011

Keeping My Budget Under Control - Fitting in Fruits & Veggies

Lets face it. When you are eating healthy, your most expensive items are more than likely your fruits and vegetables.But there are a lot of ways to save money while eating fruits and vegetables while on a budget.
  • Eat what's in season and on sale. This is my one of my biggest money savers. I only buy what is on sale that week. Blueberries and strawberries are buy one get one free? That's what we'll be eating that week. Bananas are always $0.29/pound so we eat a lot of those.
  • Shop the farmers markets. Unfortunately for me, the farmers market in our town is more expensive on produce than Giant is, usually. However, there are three farmers markets on the way to the "big city" that have lower prices. If I know we need to go to the city, I'll plan to stock up on produce.
  • Can or Freeze for the winter. This is another one of my biggest money savers. This past summer, I spent $20 on 2 and a half bushels of peaches. I canned 2 of those bushels for us to eat through the winter. I also stocked up on pears and apples and canned those when they were on sale.
  • Join a Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. When you join a CSA you pay a fee to cover the farm's anticipated production costs during the harvest season In return, you get a weekly supply of fresh, sustainably grown vegetables. Some farms also let you work on the farm to bring the fee you pay down some.
  • Grow a garden! This is another one of my big money saver. Every year, we plant a bigger garden. I can whatever we don't eat and that will last us through the winter. My produce is organic because I don't add any chemicals and I spent maybe $1 on the seed packet. (Another $$ saver would be to save seeds from the year before and use those to plant your garden next year!)
What do you do to save on produce?

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  1. Hi, Im new to your blog, but it's pretty cool! Im still a little new to gardening even though my family has had a garden all my life. I have grown organically grown veggies the last two years and it's amazing knowing how much actual $ it takes and you know what you are eating. I cant wait to get my seeds started for spring!


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