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Friday, February 11, 2011

The Stylish Blogger Award

I have been awarded the Stylish Blogger award by two wonderful ladies. The first is and the second is Cathy Kennedy from Cathy Kennedy's Blog. The first rule of this is that I have to share some things about myself. Then, I need to pass the award on to some other fine bloggers.

1 - I hold a grudge. I don't like that I do, but I do. If you cross me, I won't forget it and I'll be upset with you for a little while. I am really working on this though, so hopefully soon I'll be able to get this "fixed".

2 - I love Criminal Minds. I watch it faithfully. It scares me to death, but I love it! (I also love CSI and Law and Order : SVU)

3 - I'm such a procrastinator. But I work better under pressure, so it works out okay. :)

4 -  I hate to spend money. I think we should save everything we can. But hubbys love language is Receiving Gifts so I'm working on this as well. :)

The bloggers I am sharing this with are:

Welcome To My Kitchen

Living on 1 Income

Six in the Nest

Mommy? I'm Hungry!

Sofia's Ideas

The Boys Made Me Do It


  1. Criminal Minds is one of my favorite shows as well - although the ones that involve children scare me so much!

  2. How sweet of you! Thank you! and I am a MAJOR procrastinator too! Hubby could tell you some really good procrastination stories from when I was in college!


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