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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekly Grocery Shopping 2/12

A small trip into Save-A-Lot this week, just for some bananas and a tomato. They had chicken breast on sale for $1.38 a pound - I've never seen it that low!

Total OOP : $8.45

Under budget this week by $2.38. yay!


  1. Great Shopping Trip! It feels good to stay in your budget!

  2. Man thats a great price for that chicken! So im the one who had loads of questions for you =) I just did my first coupon trip today! Please check out my post and tell me what cha think!


  3. Wish I could shop like that we average about 200 every two weeks, but out of that 30 dollars is milk ( 14 gallons), and 14 dollars is bread.


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