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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weekly Grocery Shopping 2/19

Lots of produce this week. :) We made a trip into Aldi to get pepperonis and I grabbed a cantaloupe and some grapes. I wanted bananas, and A has been begging for apples.
I went to Weis to stock up on gummies for this summer. While the boys are not allowed to eat them that much, they make a quick and easy treat for the beach.

Total OOP : $27.15

Just a tad over budget.


  1. Stocking up now and being a bit over budget (a few dollars) is worth it in the summer when you can pull those out without having to buy at full price!

  2. We are closing on our house soon, and I am in hopes of talking him into Aldi's for our stock up shopping to start out with at the house.
    For now, we are working hard at using up a lot of what we have already and only buying just what we need to complete a meal and such.


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