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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weekly Grocery Shopping 2/5

It was a pretty hot week at Giant this week, FREE cat food, FREE mustard and CHEAP cheese. I did my best to stock up. :)

In all, I bought:

 30 bags of cheese
2 containers of strawberries
5 French's mustard (flavors vary)
1 dozen eggs
4 boxes cat food
1 Vlasic pickles
2 Breakstone's sour cream
3 pounds of grapes
2 liter of soda
1 Simply Go-Gurt

and spent $35.83.

So I'm over budget this week by $10.83. Next week, I'll come in under budget, because we do not need anything but bananas.


  1. You got a lot for that money! I love getting cheap cheese!

  2. Do you find that cheese like that freezes well? I've frozen blocks before and not had any problems but never pre shredded.

    Looks like a great haul to me! :-)

  3. Okay now I feel really bad about my shopping disaster at Walmart today. Normally I shop at Aldi or use my coupons. Today I was craving those dern potstickers again and I can only find them at Walmart. I decided to go to Walmart with no coupons and no list. Yeah, it was bad. 125 dollars latter I came home with all kinds of yummy but really bad for us food. No more Walmart for me. It's back to Aldi next week for sure.

  4. WOW! Those are some amazing deals! I'd love 30 bags of cheese for that price! You go girl!!!

  5. We go through a TON of cheese so I was super excited for this deal!

    @Katie - When I freeze blocks, we usually have issues. But, we try and slice them to use on bread, not shredded the blocks. Shredded cheese freezes beautifully! I usually forget to get the cheese out until I need it. I just bang it on the counter a few times and it's good to go. :)

    @SocialStudies - I go into WalMart and do that as well. This past weekend, we went in and spent $150. $75 of it was on a heater, $20 of it was on a HUGE bag of dog food (the only "food" I don't count in my grocery budget) The rest of it was other stuff - socks, Valentines gifts for the boys and hubby, some things for school, etc. I stay away from the grocery section there. I did get a few of my free coupons redeemed there though. I hate WalMart! I always spend wayy too much in there.

  6. I am jealous of the cheese as well! You got some great deals!

  7. How did you get so much cheese? I am so intrigued by poeple who can do this.


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