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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Meal Plan 3/13

Due to my troubles in menu planning for the past two weeks, I made the decision to sit down and plan for the rest of the month. It only took me roughly a half hour and I'm done for the rest of the month! It is such a relief not to have to stress over my menu plan for the week.

Last week, our meals went exactly as planned. I have been babysitting everyday and it is such a relief not to have to think about the meals. 6 kids under 5 is a lot of work! I utilized my slow cooker a lot last week to make my life easier.

This week we're having:

Out to eat
Hubby's Burgers (again)
Creamy Sausage Alfredo
Chicken & Rice
Hubby and I are attending a wedding so we'll eat there

What are you eating this week? I'd love to check it out!

Find 100s more menus at OrgJunkie.com.


  1. Hey Keli! Just wanted to let you know I FINALLY got my CVS stuff up. Looks like you've been busy, too! I don't remember if I told you but I'm writing a budget cutting book that will be free for download in the next day or two. And it has consumed every waking moment! Anyway, snag what you want from my CVS stuff. They're not all that great this week. :( No worries if you don't have time to do Rite Aid this week...believe me, I understand! :)

    Have an awesome week and your menu looks yummy!!! I struggle with menu planning, too. I worked out a 6 week rotation about a month ago and I LOVE it. Nearly zero brain power each week. :)

  2. Steamers sounds really good to me today! Definitely going to add that to my menu plan soon!

  3. love the sausage alfredo idea!


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