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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Meal Plan 3/21

We had a great weekend! How about you? We had a wonderful Friday, hubby had off work and the weather was amazing. We had a late dinner of pizza. Saturday we spent the day with family, went to a wedding and had a late date night at a local casino. We didn't stay long though - hubby more than tripled our money so we left before we lost it all again. :) Today, we spent the day putting up the boys new bunk beds and trying to get my house organized again. We're in the process of moving the boys into the same room, making a new playroom and painting the old playroom.

This week starts a crazy week - lots of doctors appointments and babysitting. I'm hoping the weather will be nice, but the forecast doesn't look good. Most of our meals are coming from the freezers this week as I'm trying to clear a little room out.

This week we're having :

meatball subs
chicken & rice (leftovers)
pizza @ a community event

What are you eating this week? I'd love to check it out!

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  1. Hi Keli,
    So you live near a casino.... my Hubs would love that. Our closest casino is an hour and a half away... The Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh.

    How organized you are!! I have no idea what I am having from meal to meal, let alone the whole week. I do know I am probably having black bean soup for lunch because I made it yesterday and there is some left.
    By the way, meat ball subs sound really good...

  2. Good luck putting those bunkbeds together! Every time we have moved that is the part I dread most.

    Those enchiladas look super yummy! Have a good week!

  3. My boys love meatball subs. Noticed it on your menu plan, too. They always get that when they eat at Subway, I've not made them at home, though.

  4. Wow you do have a busy week. I am making a huge pan of baked ziti that will make at least 2 dinners and some leftover lunches and grilling chicken tonight with enough leftover to use for soemthing else.

  5. The enchiladas look wonderful. I have made those twice before and need to do that again really soon.


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