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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Starting Seeds Indoors - Mini "Greenhouse"

It's right around the time to start planting seeds for your garden, if you grow from seed. I usually don't, I forget about it until it's "too late". And I find it easier to just buy plants, although it is a bit more expensive than buying seed packets.

This year, we have started a few strawberry plants from seed. The containers sit on our window sill covered with plastic wrap. The plastic wrap helps keep the soil warm and moist. The light from the sun gets "trapped" under the plastic wrap, creating a greenhouse effect. This helps the sprouts grow a bit faster.

So I'm curious, do you start seeds indoors or do you buy plants?


  1. I start seeds indoors. I bought those starter boxes once and just refill them every year.

  2. I usually start seeds indoors, but this year we have a new kitten and I'm pretty sure he'll destroy anything I try to plant indoors...so we may do plants this year!:-)

  3. You are ambitious. If I was home more often, I would start my own tomato and pepper Plants. My Hubs loves to travel so we do a lot of it.

    I don't know if you know I am having an apron giveaway or not.... 2 aprons!!


  4. Love the idea of putting your seeds in cupcake tins. I have incorporated two wheel barrows from our yard this is where I like to start my seedlings. I can keep an eye on them this way..♥

  5. I have tried starting seeds indoors for the last few years (with dismal results). This year I have a borrowed grow light and things look much better. I much prefer sowing seeds directly in the garden. Thanks for the post.

  6. I start the seeds indoors. The cost difference makes it worth it to me.


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