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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Date Night Idea

This may sound crazy, but your date idea for this week is to throw a slumber party! When is the last time you and your hubby had a slumber party? My answer would be... never. But it used to be so much fun with your best friends, so why not?

Gather all the supplies - junk food!, movies, games, and whatever else you need to have the perfect sleepover. Will you sleep in the bed? Why not grab some sleeping bags and set up on the floor?

In the morning, make sure to cook breakfast together. My mom always fixed french toast when I had a sleepover, so that's what I would cook.

Have fun at your "sleepover!"


  1. This is a fabulous idea ...it is amazing how we get caught up with life and forget to have fun as a couple!! xo HHL

  2. Keli,
    Great Idea!! I think we will sleep on our pull out couch though. Easier on the back.


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