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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Garden Update #2 2011

I am so excited to be able to share another garden update with you this week. I was kind of worried that I wasn't going to have anything worthy of an update. I mean, who wants to see the same old stuff week after week? Sure, the sprouts have grown, but not that much. We do have pepper sprouts now, which is kind of exciting. This is the first year I've used all seeds and *so far* we're going good.

I planted sugar snap peas this year - something I have no clue about. They've sprouted and are looking great! I'm going to have to do some research though, because I'm not sure if I need to stake them or if they'll be a bush or whatever. I need to check the seed packet. :)

(this picture is sideways. I don't know why because when I upload it, it's fine,but changes when I insert it in the post)

We also planted some strawberry plants ($1 for 2!) because the seeds we planted were dumped out damaged by a curious 2 year old.

Anything exciting happening in your gardens?


  1. HI - i read your blog and love it! We planted our garden from seeds this year as a science project for my kindergartener. we have LOTS of vegies! Squash and green beans have already been eatern and more are growing! We have 4 cobs growing. Next year we will plant more corn, because each stalk only produces 1 or 2 cobs! we also have cantilope, spaghetti squash, bell pepper, jalapenio, 3 types of tomatoes, and cucumbers growing!! We have really enjoyed our garden and plan to do a winter garden this year too! :)

  2. We recently bought this house and the ground is horrible. We can't afford to buy fertilizer and such....and I was very anxious to plant. I had him rototil me up a spot. We've had strange weather too, warm and cold...but my 2 tomato plants seem to just be dieing. The green beans, only 1 seed is sprouting. The strawberries we transplanted are blooming along, but they can grow anywhere. The peas are popping up like yours. The onions also seem to be doing well.
    We bought a few more plants to put out, which are in the kitchen window right now until this rain is over and I can get out and plant them.
    I should so garden updates on my blog as well.


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