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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Meal Plan 4/17

I can't believe it's Easter week already. We had an egg hunt at hubbys work today that was a lot of fun. We had a late lunch and picked through the fridge for dinner. I have a lot of the cooking creme that I'm excited to use, so I'll be using some in the enchiladas this week (shhh! don't tell hubby he'd have a fit if I messed with his enchiladas!). I'm hoping to grill out sometime this week. We had Chicken Kabobs at a friend's house on Saturday and they were awesome. I'm hoping to replicate them this week.

This week we're having:


Grilled Cheeseburgers

Chicken Kabobs

What are you having this week?
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  1. Your pizza looks so good.... as does the nachos

    I have trouble getting my Hubs to eat leftovers... but he loves Wedding soup. So yesterday I made a huge pot of wedding soup. I froze most of it.

    5 containers, I am taking to my Granddaughter who is in college. She loves the stuff...

  2. Great looking menu! We love nachos and pizza around here!

  3. Leftovers! Ugh! I eat them for my office lunch. My d eats some, my son is a total pain about them. I try to cook the right amount, but with teenagers you never know!

    My goal is to stay at, under or as close as possible to the amount Food Stamps would give us if we qualified. Occasionally I just say--forget for this week, but usually it's more than enough!


  4. Stopping by from Ask Ms Recipe- Hope you stop by my Marvelous Menu Post so I can visit you back.

    Thanks Nina


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