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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weekly Grocery Trips 4/23

I did a couple different trips this week. I hate how Giant doubles only 1 like coupon per transaction. It makes it hard to get the freebies when they call for a doubled coupon. This week I stocked up on some convience items, mostly the dressing. I bought 10 bottles! They were $0.62 a bottle and are great to have on hand when it's pizza night and I forgot to make ranch dressing. (everyone eats ranch with their pizza, right??)
5 packages sliced cheese
3 bags shredded cheese
6 mayo
10 dressing
1 box (instant) potatoes - hubby loves these
18 eggs
1 Lawry's marinade

We also ventured into Save A Lot because they had some great prices on produce. We get to the store and I was very disappointed with the quality of it, so we only ended up getting a few things. Their pineapples ($1.99) were smaller than the sweet potato pictured below!

The Splenda was a money maker, it was $1.98 OOP and produced a $3 CAT. I use it when I make hot chocolate for my grandfather. The chips were B1G1 FREE and I had 2 $1 coupons, making it $1.49 for 2 bags ($0.75 each). We'll eat those with nachos and for snacks.
2 bags tortilla chips
2 boxes of splenda
4 cans tuna
1 box instant potatoes
sweet potato

Total for the week : $29.47
$5.47 over budget


  1. Even though you were over budget, you sure do get a lot for your money.

    I would hate to show you the little bit of nothing I get for $30.

    We do go to a place near us in Ohio where we get great deals on fruits and vegetables. It is called Four Seasons Outdoor Market. I get really, really good deals on most everything. They are only open on Sundays and Wednesdays.

    Voted on the fence!

  2. yes! I love ranch dressing with my pizza!

  3. Stopping by from Ask Ms Recipe- Hope you stop by my Marvelous Menu Post so I can visit you back.

    Thanks Nina


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