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Friday, May 20, 2011

Garden Update

With all the rain from this past week, my garden has really taken off.
These are the sugar snap peas, which I planted from seed. I need to stake them up soon.

Our strawberries are getting big. The boys are really excited! They keep asking if they can eat the green ones.
We have 2 big patches of lettuce that have sprouted up on it's own. This one is right beside our compost pile. There are also random lettuce plants throughout the garden. I'd like to try and transplant them to containers, or at least all into one spot.

My seeds that I planted have pretty much died. I'm not sure what I did wrong. The only ones that seemed to have survived were the watermelon and one of the pepper plants. Hopefully they'll continue to grow okay.

How is your garden growing?


  1. Look at those strawberries.....

    I am hoping all the rain doesn't rot the tomatoes and peppers I planted. I also planted a few squash plants... hope they survive.

  2. we have a few strawberries climbing....the snap peas are getting a bit taller...and we did take some of the spinach leaves this week and added them to our salads. I have a couple of my onions that are about bloomed enough on the tops to replant those. I planted some cantaloupe seeds just because they were there when I bought a cantaloupe....they are popping out of the ground so I will see how that goes.


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