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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Meal Plan 5/1

I took some time today to go through one of the freezers and take an inventory of the meat I had in there. That will help a ton as I sit down this week to make a monthly meal plan. I sometimes do this as it is SO much easier for me. Plus, then I can grocery shop for the whole month this week and put the rest of the months grocery money into savings or focus on stockpiling.

Our meal plan for this week was planned mostly by the boys. I asked for suggestions and they threw out some suggestions. I filled in the blanks. Easy Peasy. There are a few repeats from last week. We ended up going to my Moms house for dinner one night and had leftovers a few nights. (As long as it's something hubby likes, he'll eat it.)

Someone asked on Facebook how much this would cost for the week, so I added it all up. Our total for the week is : $10.68
Roast Chicken - $1.06 (I took the price of the chicken, divided by 4 meals and added in the costs of sides)
Quesadillas - $1.53
Cheeseburgers - $2.08
Fish - $1.08
Meatball Subs $2.88
Cheddar Cheese Ham & Pasta $2.05

What are you having this week?

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  1. MMMmmm Quesadillas sound good. I have been looking for a whole wheat taco shell that I will be able to eat.

    Do you know, I have no idea what I am having today to eat. Hubs will probably go to Giant Eagle and buy something for the grill today.

  2. Wow do you do an amazing job of eating on less. I need to start doing it your way!

  3. Thank you for linking up with my Marvelous Menu last week. Don't forget to come back for this weeks linky. Tell your friends about it.
    Until next time;

  4. Wait. You manage to feed your whole family for $25 a week. How and what am I doing wrong?

    I will have to check our your recipes.

    Thanks for the inspiration,


  5. So I twittered you as I am so confused how you are getting your values and wondering if you have a post about figuring our your monthly menu. I want to learn!! LOL


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