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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Weekly Grocery Roundup 5/28

Giant had dollar doublers this week. It was VERY hard for me to stay under budget. I stocked up on some stuff, mostly for hubbys work. I spent a lot of money, but batteries and sunscreen are not usually in our grocery budget. We usually buy enough batteries around Christmas out of our Christmas budget, but didn't last year. I've never thought to use coupons to get sunscreen so cheap, so this year, I found a decent deal and stocked up.

I bought:
1 gallon milk
1 pound ground beef
4 packs batteries
4 deodorants
2 pizzas (not pictured)
9 bags of noodles (not pictured)
1 watermelon (not pictured)
6 bags of combos
6 lunchables
5 bottles of suncreen
2 jars of banana peppers
12 bottles of marinade
6 lunchables
2 boxes Magnum ice cream bars (these are amazing!)

Total OOP: $41.86 plus I got back a $10 CAT to use
(I saved $165, so that makes it better LOL)


  1. I love the Magnum bars too! So rich!

  2. No matter how many times you make an OOPs... you still do a whole lot better than I do.

    Even though you went over budget, just look at all the stuff you got.


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