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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Weekly Grocery Roundup 5/7

This week was an example of how I buy things I don't need to help keep my grocery budget down. (A post on that will be coming soon) For every 3 Hallmark cards you buy, you get a $5 catalina (a coupon good on your next shopping order. The $0.99 cards were also producing this catalina. So the deal went like this :
Buy 3 cards @ $0.99. Pay $2.84 OOP, get a $5 coupon good on your next order. Really, a $2.16 moneymaker. You could roll this deal as many times as you wanted, using the previous $5 coupon to buy your new cards. Also, the Scott products were producing a catalina.
5 Hunts Ketchup
5 Hunts pasta sauce
1 Scott TP
1 Scott wipes
4 Cracker Barrel cheese
Tabasco sauce

Total OOP: $7.10 and I have $20 in catalinas to use next week.

10 Hunts Ketchup
7 Peter Pan Peanut Butter
2 loaves bread
hamburger rolls
oatmeal cookies
2 tortillas
2 enchilada sauces
1 green chile's
chili powder
Tabasco sauce
3 liter soda
2 lbs strawberries
ice cream cones
2 sour cream

Total OOP : $17.70

Total : $24.80

This isn't bad considering I got a few things for hubbys lunch - usually he buys wit his own money at work - and that this is basically the groceries for the next month! Plus, I have CATs to use.

1 comment:

  1. I think you did excellent!!

    I spend so much on groceries because I go every day and buy what I need..... I know it is really stupid to do that... but with just two of us, we never know what we are eating from day to day.

    I would love to be as organized as you.

    Voted on the fence


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