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Friday, May 27, 2011

Where to Get Coupons

In order to to keep my grocery budget down, I use coupons. I've had several people ask me where I get the coupons to do my deals. There are a number of places that you can get coupons, today I will share with you some of the ways that I use to get my coupons.

1. Newspaper Inserts. In every Sunday paper, there are coupon inserts. (Sometimes the inserts come in your Saturday paper instead). Smart Source, RedPlum, and Proctor & Gamble are the major distributors of coupon inserts. Sometimes, General Mills or another major company will put out an insert of their own, for their products.

While the Sunday paper does cost you money to get your coupons, in my opinion, it is very worth it, depending on the cost of your paper and what coupons you'll use out of that weeks inserts. You can check out a preview of the coupons coming each week HERE. Last week, I bought 4 papers, totaling $4. There were 4 dollar doublers in each Giant sale flyer, which saved me $16.  I also used numerous other coupons out of the papers. The savings that I get when using the coupons justified the $4 in buying the papers.
If I am "in town" I will go to the Dollar Tree where they sell everything for $1. Even Sunday papers. The local paper that is usually a dollar sells for $0.50 at the Dollar Tree. If I know there is going to be some HOT coupons in the paper that week, I make sure to get to the Dollar Tree and get my papers for cheap.

2. Magazines I've found that most magazines offer one or two coupons. Parents and Baby Talk were offering a 20% off diapers coupon for Amazon.com that netted some pretty amazing prices on diapers! Women's Day sometimes has a SMALL booklet in the middle of it which usually contains coupons for Glade, and sometimes sugar, Sara Lee Lunch Meat and bagel bites. I currently subscribe to All You. This is the only magazine I pay for and I will not pay more than $1 an issue for it. There are deals all the time for this magazine and it always contains a ton of coupons. If you don't want to subscribe to it, you can find it exclusively at WalMart.

3. Grocery Stores You will find coupons two places in your local grocery stores. At the register from a Catalina machine and in the aisles. Sometimes there are blinkies - little coupon machines hanging by a product. Sometimes you'll find a tearpad of coupons hanging by a product. Often times when my area is trying to raise money to support something (the troops, the food banks, etc) they will offer a coupon booklet in exchange for a donation.

Catalina coupons are coupons that print at checkout. They are triggered by something you've bought. A lot of times there will be an On Your Next Order (OYNO) Catalina that prints out. These are the best kind! They are coupons you can use on almost anything you want to buy, produce, meat, etc. Sometimes companies will run promotions if you buy X amount of something, you'll get a catalina for X off your next purchase.

4. Ask! A lot of times, if you ask people for coupons, they'll give them to you. I've asked my mom to send me her leftover coupons and she gladly does. When she goes to visit my grandfather, she's started raiding his paper for the coupons [which he doesn't use] and giving them to me. My neighbors know I coupon and they'll save me the coupons they get.

5. Email Companies. This kind of goes along with asking for coupons, but some companies won't send you any if you specifically ask for them. Usually, if I find something I really like [or really don't like] about a product, I will email the company and let them know. Most of the time, the company sends me a few coupons in the mail just for taking the time to contact them.

6. Online Printables There are a TON of coupons at your fingertips every single day. And you can get them for free! All you have to do is find them. There are a lot of coupon sites that you can print coupons from. A short list would be :


Something that I've recently learned is that the coupons on coupons.com are the exact same coupons that Swagbucks has on their site. And if you print them from Swagbucks, you'll get 10 swagbucks for every coupon you redeem!!

Some stores, Target for example, offer coupons on their site. Target offers both store coupons (to be used only in Target) and manufacturers coupons (to be used anywhere). The store coupons can be used with a manufacturers coupon. For example, if you have a $1 off Kellogg's TARGET coupon, you can use it with a $1 Kellogg's manufacturers coupon to save $2 off the one product.

A few things about printable coupons - you can usually print 2 of each coupon per computer, just hit the back button twice. The coupons are good in black in white as well as color. I only print my coupons in black and white - saves on ink! Never photocopy a Internet coupon. This is fraud.

7. Free Samples When you request free samples from companies online, the manufacturer usually includes a coupon or two with your sample. Yet another great reason to sign up for all the wonderful free samples! (Unsure where to find free samples? I share them on my facebook page!)

8. Coupon Trading There are forums that have coupon trading. You basically search the forum for a coupon you want. When you find someone who has a coupon you want, you trade them for it. Sometimes they want other coupons, sometimes they want postage stamps. A few trading forums are:


How do you get your coupons?


  1. Thanks for the great post. I am a couponer too and am always looking to add to my sources.

  2. I am visiting from the hop and following on google. I am a couponer also and get asked the same question all the time. You post is very informative and explains it very well!

  3. Hi Keli,
    My daughter has just started couponing. I am going to send this to her. Thanks!!

  4. I am trying so hard to get into couponing. It just seems like I will never get enough of the "right" coupons to make any real difference. I'll keep trying though! :) Thanks for the tips!


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