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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Grocery Trips (6/24)

I went wayy over my grocery budget for the month. But really, I didn't use any of my grocery budget. Let me explain....

I have been babysitting a lot lately. Like every. single. day. I've been taking that money and stashing it away. I don't want it to be spent on bills or stuff we need. That's what hubby pays for. We've decided that "my" money is going to pay for our fun stuff. Our entertainment fund if you will. For the last 2 years Giant has partnered with Kraft Foods and Hershey Park to have a "Hershey Park Promo" [my trip last year] where you buy a certain amount of Kraft foods and you get FREE Hershey Park tickets. This year, if you bought $75 worth of specified Kraft Foods, you got 2 FREE Hershey tickets. I did this deal 4 times, netting a total of 8 tickets and a TON of product. Not only did I save on the tickets, (if I would have paid $75 out of pocket for them they would have been $37.50 each) I got food in return. Seemed like a no brainer to me.
sorry that picture is so dark, it looked a lot brighter on the camera
I went directly to the Pepsi guy who was stocking the shelf at Martins. He looked at me like I was nuts when I asked for 12 cases, but said he had more than enough and even loaded them up for me. :)

I got a TON of stuff - not all of it is pictured.
15 one pound packs of lunch meat
at least 40 bags of shredded cheese
28 capri sun
12 twenty packs of Pepsi/mtn dew
4 - 24 packs of water
kool aid
jello temptations
3 sour cream
2 cottage cheese
and more
8 Hershey Park tickets

Total OOP : wayyy more than I would have liked to spend, around $200. BUT considering the cheapest I could have gotten Hershey park tickets this year was $36/ticket ($288 total) and I have all this - enough to get through a few birthday parties this summer plus feeding a small army of kids everyday.

OH. And by buying the dairy products I earned gas points which gives me even more savings. But that's another post for a different day. :)

there's also strawberries and 2 Pillsbury pizza crusts (I had free product coupons for the Pillsbury)

1 comment:

  1. sounds like a deal to me all the way around!!
    and, you have all those snack foods to boot. Snack foods seems to be lacking around our house, despite coupon shopping.


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