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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Garden Update!

It's been forever since we've had a garden update. Finally things are starting to look up. Sorta. There's not a whole lot going on in my garden... Let me show you...

Our tomato is starting to turn red...hubby will be happy.

One little bell pepper is starting to grow. We have a ton of flowers so hopefully they'll start growing.

We have a ton of little cherry tomatoes growing. I'm not sure who is going to eat them though...

C's rose bush has started to take off, this is one of a few beautiful roses on it.

And C's sunflowers are growing like crazy!!

How is your garden growing? Hopefully better than mine!!


  1. Nope...yours is better than mine. Sad, I know! ;) We do have a watermelon and a zucchini. Yep, just one of each. Oh...and sunflowers!

  2. I think the gardens are having a hard time this year. In the spring we had way to much rain and now we are not getting enough rain.

    I ate a few cherry tomatoes and my squash is going crazy. We also planted some peppers and hopefully we can eat those soon.

    What a beautiful rose C has. I just love the color.


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