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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Weekly Grocery Roundup 7/2

I went a bit over budget this week again, but I'm okay with that. It's a whole other post in it's self, one that will hopefully be coming this week.

I bought :
22 Dannon Danimals Yogurts
4 bags of Combos
1 Scott TP
1 Scott Wipe
5 Smart Balance Milk
1 loaf white bread
8 Nestle Milks
5 Popsicles
1 Breyers Blast Icecream
4 blocks Cabot Cheese

Total Before Coupons : $135.91
Total I Paid : $46.43
Plus, I received $1.40 in gas rewards, ($42 value)

I also bought 3 value packs of meat.
I walked by the case and the one pack was marked $0.44. Plus, if you bought 3 packs you got $0.40 off gas.

Total OOP $19.12
Plus I received $0.40 in gas ($12 value)

Total for the week : $65.55
But technically I only used $11.55 of my grocery money
(look for a post explaining this this week)


  1. I know you went over your budget, but I think you did very well. It must be a lot of work to get those coupons ready and then you have to go to the store and find all that stuff.
    Good Job Keli!!

  2. That is AWESOME! What deals--meat, especially! I am not following you as well. :) Thank you for stopping by! I hope to see you Thursday for Give Back Thursday!

  3. What a wonderful find of the meat, boy I wished we had meat packs like that at our store.


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