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Monday, September 19, 2011

Do You Have A TV in Your Kitchen?

When I was younger, my dad put a small TV in the kitchen for my mom. (Actually, I think it was so he could watch football while he sat at the dinner table.) We hooked our cable back up the other day, we also switched cable providers and they informed us we could get 3 cable hookups at no charge. Hubby suggested one for the kitchen. He knew I wasn't going to allow TV during dinner, so he gained nothing by it. We both agree, we don't want a TV in our boys room. They're still too young to have one in there.

So in the kitchen our TV went. (We also have a  TV in the living room and our bedroom if you were wondering) It's only been in there about a week. For the first couple of days, I just kind of looked at it. I even went so far as to push it back under the counter, I had no use for it, I don't normally watch TV during the day. Tonight, after I put the kids to bed I was packing lunches and decided to turn on the TV. And instead of hurrying through packing lunches so I could go relax and watch some TV, I packed lunches, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, cleaned up and swept up the kitchen. All while watching the football game on TV. :)

So I'm wondering, do you have a TV in your kitchen?


  1. We are a little different here, only two tv's in our entire big house, in the living room and family room. And we don't have cable either.

  2. I have never thought of putting a tv in our kitchen. We have one in each bedroom and one in the family room and that's it. I really don't think I'd want/need one in the kitchen.


  3. I grew up with TV in the kitchen, living room, parent's bedroom, etc. Not for us. We have one 15-year-old TV in the family room, but it only gets three channels (no cable - which my oldest thinks is cruel and wrong) ...

  4. We don't have cable however I often set my laptop up in the kitchen while cleaning and cooking and watch stuff on Hulu or Netflix.

  5. Great question! We don't and I really don't want one either. Though I can certainly see the appeal.

  6. No, but I would love a small under the cupboard mounted one! Nice to watch a cooking show while I was trying out the recipe. Come over and visit. We have a terrific apple sausage recipe to share.


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